Daily programs 

Weekly programs

Sister's Halaqa

Youth program

Five daily prayers 


Quranic recitation (Tajweed) 


Weekend (Sunday) school (10:30 - 2:00 PM)

Classes offered at Al Rahman's Sunday school include: Quran, Arabic, Islamic studies.












The Masjid has a preschool that runs from Monday through Thursday from 11 to Zuhr. Please bring your children ages 6 to 9. We currently have two students enrolled in the preschool.

Sunday School

Sunday School is from 11 to zuhr every sunday. The school is currently short of teachers right now, if anyone would like to volunteer their time every sunday we would be most thankful.

Jamaat e Tableegh

The Jamaat e Tableegh meets every sunday afternoon(after Zuhr). They invite muslims from other masjids and discuss important concepts about Islam. It is not only beneficial for the muslims of annapolis, but also for the entire muslim ummah that you attend.

Sister's Halaqa

The Sister's halaqa is from 11:00 to 2:00 once a month. The education of our muslim sisters, daughters, and mothers is crucial for the development of Islam in the world so please attend.

Hafzi ul Quran

A hafiz program has been started for anyone interested in memorizing the Quran. The program runs from Maghrib to Isha everyday. Please take advantage of this program and enroll your children today.

Misc Halaqas

The Masjid also has Halaqas every other Saturday from Maghrib to Isha. There is also a small Halaqa after Fajr prayer everyday.